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LRE IV - Late Roman Event 29/31-07, 2011
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Auteur:  vortigern studies [ 18 Nov 2010, 11:46 ]
Sujet du message:  LRE IV - Late Roman Event 29/31-07, 2011


It is with great honor and at the same time with caution that we would like to invite you to the 4th Late Roman Event or LRE IV, to take place on the last weekend of July (Thursday 29-Sunday 31), 2011. This event is to take place on the grounds of the former convent Graefenthal in Germany, just across the Dutch border from Nijmegen.

Because so many of you have kept the faith and continued to ask me when the next LRE was to be organized, I must start with this – LRE IV is in the 4th month of organization, but everything that will follow below is (as usual!) only possible when the funds arrive. We are currently organizing this event with several partners, which apart from Fectio are the Stichting Romeinenfestival (known from the large international Roman events held in Nijmegen), plus several more partners. Currently we are involved in securing European subsidies for this event, and of course everything will stand or fall with those. But we are certainly optimistic, which is why we feel secure enough to publicly announce this event.

Kloster Graefenthal is a former convent, just a few miles SE of Nijmegen and lies close to the Late Roman border. A few miles away to the North lies a hidden ruin of a LR burgus, and to the SE is the LR town Tricensimae, or Xanten. The terrain itself is pleasant and green, with a main building flanked by two fields, all enclosed within a wall and backed by a modern lake.

As to the event itself, we have not yet fully worked out the details, but as with the last three occasions, the infantry will be the main part of it. But we plan to continue developing the show.
One of these developments is yet another stage in the fielding of cavalry. This time, if it all works out as planned, we want to add to the cavalry already seen in the past two events. With the cooperation of the Stichting Ala (ask our fellow member Jurjen on the forum!) we plan to add a few horses, perhaps even one armoured, to the show.
Another development is even more spectacular (if it all works out), because we plan to show the Late Roman navy as well! With the help of the Stichting Millingse Liburna we hope to give the first Dutch replica of a liburna patrol boat her maiden voyage on the lake behind Graefenthal...

Hope to see you all at LRE IV.

The LRE team,

Robert Vermaat - Stichting Fectio
Jurjen Draaisma - Stichting Ala
Paul van der Heijden – Stichting Romeinenfestival


Late Roman Event (LRE IV): en ... 8097315567

Kloster Graefenthal:
Late Roman connections : ... 6.2005.htm
Stichting Romeinenfestival:
Stichting Ala: en!/g ... 3812253494
Stichting Fectio:
Stichting Millingse Liburna :

Auteur:  Adwyn [ 18 Nov 2010, 13:08 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: LRE IV - Late Roman Event 29/31-07, 2011

It looks great ! I hope to be there this summer ;)

Auteur:  Damianus [ 27 Nov 2010, 16:04 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: LRE IV - Late Roman Event 29/31-07, 2011

Very good news!

Auteur:  Bran map Maclou [ 28 Nov 2010, 23:07 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: LRE IV - Late Roman Event 29/31-07, 2011

Navy ?

-I'll be there !

Bye !

Auteur:  arbogast [ 29 Nov 2010, 15:09 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: LRE IV - Late Roman Event 29/31-07, 2011

I'll do my best to get there ! It sounds really great !

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